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Precautions for the use and operation of electric bakeware.
Date: 2021/9/14 Publisher: Xideer Hits: 2506

 The operation of the electric bakeware is very simple, just turn on the power. The electric bakeware itself has 5 gears (some 6), and each gear has a corresponding temperature control setting to protect the operation of the machine (in simple terms, the temperature of each gear is different), The user can adjust the gear according to the raw and cooked food to control the temperature.

The following points should be paid attention to during the use of the electric bakeware:
(1) It should be placed on a stable table or table, and not close to flammable materials and fire sources;
(2) No water can enter the power switch; when there is water in the pan, the surrounding oil will splash, please be careful of burns when using it;
(3) The power plug is not allowed to be inserted into a single three-hole socket with grounding protection;
(4) It is strictly forbidden to touch the bottom of the plate with your hands when heating, especially children, so as to avoid being burned;
(5) When the hotplate is not in use, please be sure to cut off the power.

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